This site features my currently circulating projects and works in progress. My work is an eclectic blend of artwork, comics, films, prose, nonfiction, and poetry. Every word and image originates from a spiritual, existential exploration into the human condition, hence the umbrella term storyteller.

Though a handful of stories have been released, the majority rest in unpublished notes and designs. Since my youth, I was intrigued by the cultures and philosophies of fantastic worlds. With my love of physics, biology, and psychology as my basis, I began forging my personal universe into these narratives. My messages center around psychological growth and transformation, exploring the dark elements of humanity to reveal what is truthful but changeable about human nature. My worlds are both visceral and cerebral with most of them incorporating elements of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy. I seek to examine all aspects of the spirit and its journey, hoping that the lessons audiences learn from my characters will teach them something meaningful about themselves.

My aim is to share my stories through words, artwork, and one day, video games. You can view my full CV, gallery exhibitions, and publications on my website here.

contact: sinribbon[at]