Survive is a feature-length horror/thriller screenplay set in the present day, taking place in a single location with only a handful of characters. The story is both an homage and mockery of the slasher film, created to reinvent the horror genre by empowering victims with survival instincts and bringing personal issues of ego and dependence to light.

Survive is a psychological narrative that explores raw human nature, its peaks of altruism and valleys of selfishness. The high stakes situation forces three friends to re-evaluate themselves and the directions their lives are heading while being confronted with difficult, life-altering choices. In order to survive, they must evolve. In order to change, they must sacrifice. The horror genre was chosen because it presents a context where characters can discover who they truly are despite their resistance to the darkness of the human soul. Survive is a tale of facing internal and external demons when the value of companionship is weighed against salvation.

Awards & Acknowledgements

2017 | Blue Cat Screenplay Competition Quarter-finalist