Is fate a shield against the agony of choice or a force that suffocates free will?

From diverse walks of life and different corners of the globe, ten strangers are being brought together. Prejudice, fallen dreams, loss, and trauma have plagued each of their lives . . . until they find each other, and for once it seems serendipity may heal their collective pain.

But what lurks behind these fated meetings is something far more sinister.

Terrible and elusive forces have endowed the ten with supernatural abilities. Far from a gift however, some are drowning in these overwhelming new powers to the point of possession.

What does fate permit us to do? Are we a product of choice or design? In this urban fantasy adventure, the ten must resist the will of destiny if they wish to carve their own paths. Armed only with camaraderie, they will discover if the strength of their choice is enough to prevent the looming, catastrophic future thrust upon them.

The battle for free will begins here.

About the Book

Ten is an urban fantasy, mystical sci-fi journey exploring the nature of our universe, companionship, and determinism versus free will.

de·ter·min·ism the doctrine that all events, including human action, are ultimately determined by causes external to the will

Ten is currently in the editing stages and will span a trilogy of short novels, the first of which will be released this winter. It will be published online via Amazon and other book sellers.

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