Sam Jowett, author of Cynthia Silver

“What I feel is the strongest and easily most enjoyable element is the diversity of the characters at play. LGBTQ+ representation isn’t linked to a single token figure, nor is it the primary trait of said characters. It allows the interplay and relationships of the protagonists to develop authentically.”

Nadia Gerassimenko, editor of Moonchild Magazine

“Divine Death […] rather reads like poetry than prose, weaving in gorgeous and haunting imageries of darkness and of gloom and of morbidity but also of light and of vibrancy and of laughter; Sin Ribbon experiments with and subverts language in imaginative, revolutionary ways and does it so expertly.”

Zane Desjarlais

“An amazing book with so many lovable characters. I was afraid with so many characters some might get lost in the shuffle but every character is awesome. I would highly recommend this book to anyone.”

Leah Rachel, While Reading and Walking Blog

“The characters are swiftly introduced and not overwhelming, and the book is a quick page-turner. Looking forward to seeing more from author and incredible artist Sin Ribbon.”

Michael O’Brien

“Love this book! It’s so rare to find a new good fantasy series that isn’t just nothing but standard fantasy tropes. Cannot wait for more of the series!”

Harrison Donellan

“[This] is an utterly intriguing novel. While the narrative at large sets up the stage for a grand and fantastical conflict between the various members of the cast […], it also explores the much more personal and human conflict of trauma.”

Jolie, Read With Me Blog

“[This] is one of those books that will blow you away. [It] was a fantastic read with a great plotline and characters that blew my socks off. ☆☆☆☆☆”

Eric Runkel

“The characters are well developed and intriguing, the story pulls you in and at the conclusion you will definitely want more. The research and care that went into crafting each of the extensive cast of characters is evident and provides a depth and feel to the story that is wonderful to experience!”

Cheyenne Bramwell

“The plot held my attention the entire time! And the cast of characters was so unique and diverse, but easy to distinguish between so I didn’t get confused at all. They have wonderful chemistry and voices that I can’t get enough of!”