Due to time and financial concerns, Una Animus will not be continuing. The episodes will be made available for all Patrons on Patreon, but the show will no longer be publicly available as of Nov 1st. Thank you for your understanding and for all the support I've received for this project.

Una Animus launched Tuesday, May 7th and will run as a twelve-episode season with Patreon-exclusive bonus content as well. Episodes will upload every Tuesday until the season concludes in August.

Una Animus is a nonfiction podcast about mental health, new perspectives, and the quest for personal fulfillment. Writer and visual storyteller Sin Ribbon shares her journey through depression and agoraphobia as well as the resources and insights that have helped her along the way. Una Animus reflects her personal exploration into better mental health as she seeks joy and meaning in living.

Una Animus is not a rumination on depression nor does it have a, "Stop worrying, be happy!" type of self-help approach. The content focuses on balance, acknowledging the weight of fear while providing a perspective of hope. Although the uphill battle may continue, the point is that you keep climbing.


Episode 6: The Value of Beliefs

Where can a belief carry us?

Books referenced:
Asimov's Guide to the Bible, Isaac Asimov

Essay Reads: Prophetic Growth

Today I'm doing something a little different and sharing my essay, Prophetic Growth: Tarot Reading for Introspection, as well as expounding on tarot reading's usefulness for insight.

Fire In My Eyes, Sirius Beat

Episode 3: The World We Create

What is good and bad? What is right and wrong? In this episode, I discuss the rules and definitions we create to understand the world and what might be gained if we change them.

Books referenced:
Being Happy, Andrew Matthews
Follow Your Heart, Andrew Matthews

Promise, Cash

Episode 2: The Brain Is Plastic

In this episode: research about the human brain, including the breakthrough discovery of neuroplasticity and how the brain adapts new changes.

Books referenced:
The Future of the Mind, Michio Kaku
The Brain that Changes Itself, Norman Doidge
The Brain’s Way of Healing, Norman Doidge
Soft-Wired, Michael Merzenich
The Body Keeps the Score, Bessel van der Kolk
Being Happy, Andrew Matthews
As a Man Thinketh, James Allen
van der Kolk PDF

Tomorrow, Zymek

Episode 1: One Soul

Welcome to the introduction of Una Animus, the podcast about the quest towards better mental health. Host Sin Ribbon shares her experiences with depression and agoraphobia as well as what Una Animus is all about.


Una Animus couldn't exist without your support. Any contribution on Patreon goes towards funding Sin's projects, including this show.

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Where can I find the show?
This webpage, via Blubrry, as well as most other podcast platforms. If possible, please listen via the RadioPublic mobile app, as they provide paid listens to creators without commercial interruptions.

When will Transcripts be available?
After the season's conclusion. Transcripts will be compiled and released as a free eBook as well as paperback edition.

Is Una Animus appropriate for all ages?
All episodes are CLEAN, meaning there is no cursing or foul language. Una Animus is intended to be a useful recourse for adults and teens. However, mental health can be a serious topic. Subjects such as instability, suicidal ideation, and death and mourning are discussed, so parents are advised to listen ahead of time if they have concerns.

Will you be doing interviews on the show?
Not at this time, but I am open to conducting interviews for season two if I'm able to continue the show.

Mentioned in episode one, but I will state again that I do not have any kind of license for mental health. What's said in this podcast is reflective of what has worked for me; this show is personal journey, not a series for medical advice.

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